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Tue. Apr 8th 2014
Tips for Safe Debris Burning

Lately the residents of Sullivan County have taken advantage of the significantly warmer days our region has had over the pas...

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Mon. Dec 23rd 2013
Winter Driving Safety Tips

Driving in Snow and Ice The best advice for driving in bad winter weather is not to drive at all, if you can avoid it.Do...

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Mon. Dec 23rd 2013
Chimney Fires

IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT HAVE A FIRE DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY       If you see thick black smoke...

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Welcome to the official website of East Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department

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The fire and rescue service is one of the most diverse and challenging professions today. It is the diversity that inspires most men and women to enter the service - both as volunteers and career employees. Imagine having to train to prepare yourself to cope with situations which range from building fires to motor vehicle collisions to hazardous chemical spills to assisting on medical calls, and almost any imaginable emergency situation in between. This diversity is coupled with the fact that these skills may be needed at any time of day, seven days a week, in any kind of weather, and very often under potentially stressful and emotional circumstances. These challenges contribute to our profession being personally rewarding.
As volunteers, we are here for two basic purposes. The first is to prevent fires or other emergencies from occurring. This is achieved through fire prevention, pre planning, inspections, fire safety education, and other programs. Secondly, we are here to prepare ourselves to control fire or other emergencies, should prevention fail. This is done through education, training, pre-incident planning, more training, state-of-the-art equipment, and more training. We are a paramilitary profession working in a "hurry up and wait" environment. This business is not for everyone. You need more than just a desire to help people. You need courage and dedication, assertiveness, and a willingness to learn new skills and face new challenges. And you need to have the time, for training sessions, meetings, emergency calls, maintenance of equipment, and other duties. The fire and rescue service is not for the meek or timid or for those who lose control during times of crises. Our service is one which calls on its members to perform hot, sweaty, dirty, and strenuous work, often in uncertain and hazardous environments.
The personal rewards and satisfaction received from the fire and rescue service are often beyond description. There is a sense of accomplishment after controlling a building fire, compassion for accident victims, and fulfillment in teaching fire safety. This list goes on and on.
The bottom line in our business is measured by the loss of life, pain and suffering, and property damage we have prevented or reduced. We are here and prepared for one reason, and that is to provide service to the people.
The East Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department participates in a wide variety of activities within the eastern Sullivan County area. In addition to responding to emergency incidents, we perform public education demonstrations, fund raising activities, public event standbys, apparatus maintenance, and many other support functions. Our members participate in numerous regional fire schools, state certification courses, college-level courses, and National Fire Academy courses. Most expenses incurred by members while attending training are reimbursed.

The ESCVFD has two categories of membership available, Senior and Junior. People interested in being a member in either category must be physically and mentally capable of performing firefighting duties during all types of weather and circumstances.
If you feel you have what it takes to meet the challenges of our business, we welcome you to join us.
Application packets may be obtained at the fire station at any time, however it is recommended that prospective members attend a department function to obtain an application. By attending a department function you are assured that volunteer members will be present to answer any questions you may have about membership. Our department holds meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at the fire station beginning at 7:00pm.
If you are interested in learning more about the East Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department, simply fill out the form below and click "submit". A member of our department will contact you to discuss volunteer opportunities with the department.


We are also holding our Annual Fund Drive. our solicitation letters should be arriving by mail, your donations help us with every day operations in serving our community.



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